Still from episode 1 of "The Ramshackle Goddess." (Photo courtesy of

by Daniel Witke 

NEWBURGH— Mount Saint Mary College (MSMC) production students are experiencing a new method of learning: working together to create a nine-episode television series.

Film Prof. Alex Bordino, an adjunct at MSMC for the last four years, decided to stray away from the old curriculum.

This semester, students enrolled in Digital Video Production II will be tasked with creating a television pilot, with each student playing a role in the semester-long production. By changing the curriculum this semester, Bordino is providing a unique opportunity for film students.

Over the summer, the writing team was asked to come up with an idea for the series. They put their brains together and created a series called “The Ramshackle Goddess,” a mystery that takes place in a clothing store, where the boss has suddenly gone missing.

The studio team is responsible for casting actors, building sets, and funding the series. Kristina Amerkanian, a senior director, was excited when she found out about the project.

“This series is a journey through education, learning, and film,” said Amerkanian. “Our project will pave the way for future production majors.”

The field production team is filming commercials and advertisements for MSMC that will be dispersed throughout the series.

Bordino admitted not everything is going according to plan, saying “It is hard to find people to commit the time and energy to and something this big,”

When the production is completed, everyone involved will receive a film credit on in their respective fields.

The first episode of “The Ramshackle Goddess” aired on Sept. 30 at 5:05 P.M. on