Robin Williams (Photo by Peggy Sirota for

by Mike Reistetter

One of America’s most cherished performers sadly passed away on Aug. 11 this past summer. According to the New York Times, Robin Williams, 63, had committed suicide.

Much of the media attention surrounding his death involved people hard-pressing the fact that he had struggled with depression and alcoholism in the past, having recently re-entered a rehabilitation program earlier this year.

Robin brought joy and laughter to audiences ever since the first time he appeared as a fun-loving alien on “Happy Days” and its direct spinoff, “Mork and Mindy,” in 1978. Over the years he evolved as a performer, from an improvisational comedic master into a universally respected capturer of any emotion worthy of demonstration.

Many other celebrities and friends took to using social media to express both their overwhelming sadness and admiration for the actor who touched and influenced the lives of so many with his persona and kindness.

President Barrack Obama remarked in his public statement the day of his death, that Williams was a “one of a kind” and “he arrived in our lives as an alien—but he ended up touching every element of the human spirit.”


“There will be bad times, but they will wake you up

to the good times you weren’t paying attention to.”

– Robin Williams (“Good Will Hunting,” 1997)