Relay Kickoff
CAC members Rachel McGinty (left) and Kristen Maiberger (right) at the Relay for Life Kickoff. (Photo by William Biersack)

by Kristen La Marca

Cancer is a silent killer, and the hospital is the last place patients want to be spending their days. So, every year at Mount Saint Mary College (MSMC), students come together to help crush this disease.

At MSMC, Colleges Against Cancer (CAC) Club promotes cancer awareness and helps raise money for research. This is done in the hopes that someday cancer will just be a memory in medical history. The club puts together one of the biggest fundraising events, known nationwide as Relay For Life.

Team recruitment and participation in the event plays an important role in relation to what Relay For Life is all about, but this year, CAC’s issue is getting enough teams and individuals to participate in their event. Their goal is to have 40 teams and 400 participants. With the event being only one month away, the club has 24 teams and 133 participants as of now.This is not nearly the amount they had hoped for.

Relay For Life has a purpose: to celebrate and to remember those who have survived cancer, those who have lost their battle to cancer, and those who are fighting cancer right now. According to, four million people in over 20 countries take part in this global movement and raise the money needed to save lives from cancer every year.

The American Cancer Society (ACS) helps people to celebrate, to remember, and to fight back, which is exactly what CAC needs more people to do on campus. CAC is reaching out in every form of communication possible in hopes of recruiting teams for the event this year. Although this process has been difficult, with the help of the MSMC community, it can only make the task easier.

For CAC, Relay For Life was not always a campus-wide event. It took a lot of time and hard work to have this event on campus. What better way is there to spread the word than by continuing the tradition of having this event every year?

According to ACS, purple is the color of cancer survival, and many years ago, one out of every three people diagnosed with cancer survived. Today, two out of every three people survive. ACS now wants to see three out of every three people.

If asked by a show of hands of how many students on campus know someone who had cancer, who is battling cancer, or who has died from cancer, a majority of them would raise their hands. This is the first step to fight back. Get involved in Relay For Life and help CAC reach their goal.

“Participants are one of the most important parts of Relay, and the more participants and teams we have, more differences in this world can be made,” said senior CAC President Kristen Maiberger.

Sign up for a team today and help join the movement. Come together. Bring your friends and family with you because every person counts. All it takes is for one person to make a chain reaction.

Relay for Life of MSMC will be held Mar. 28 in the Kaplan Gym.