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By Madison Beckman

During the summer break, Mount Saint Mary College announced the school would not be renewing their contract with Sodexo. Shortly after the announcement, MSMC student affairs informed the students Parkhurst Dining was chosen as the new food provider on campus.

“We are very excited to announce that we have a new on-campus food service provider: Parkhurst Dining,” MSMC Student Affairs said in an e-mail sent to the entire study body on Aug. 18. “We selected Parkhurst because they offer a wide variety of food that is fresh and nutritious.”

Students were thrilled to see the changes that were made to The View, the campus dining hall. They marveled over the healthier choices and the meals actually resembling real food. They were mesmerized by fresh options like, fully-cooked off-the-bone chicken and green vegetables.
“The food is flavorful, something the students can really enjoy,” said Caleb Oliver, Guzman Hall Resident Assistant.

Athletes and “night owls” also celebrated the new 24/7 hours. “It’s a lifesaver to be able to eat dinner after my late practices and games,” said student athlete Janae Graham.

As time wore on, some students have become less enamored with the new food provider. (Especially after learning about the drastic changes to Henry’s. RIP mac bites.) Complaints are guarded, as most begin by saying, ‘it’s still much better than before, but…’
“They need more options,” junior Angelique Suarez demands. “I feel like I’m eating the same thing every day!”
This same complaint is echoed throughout the dining hall on a nightly basis. The general verdict: students are grateful for the much needed improvements to the food quality, but wish there were more options each night.

But Parkhurst is still adjusting to their new role. It may not be ‘as good as grandma’s,’ but is the closest we will get as on-campus residents. Let us remain hopeful our criticism is heard, and that they will react accordingly.