by Kristen LaMarca


Country singing sensation, Tim McGraw, kicked off his Shotgun Rider Tour this summer. He rocked the house with fellow Country Singers, Billy Currington and Chase Bryant. On his tour, McGraw traveled all over the map to give a little taste of country to New York as well as parts of the West Coast.

In July, I had the pleasure of going to one of his concerts of the Shotgun Rider Tour. The concert was held at the Jones Beach Amphitheater in Wantagh, New York on Long Island. The Amphitheater was packed with sold out shows both Friday and Saturday nights. I sat in Orchestra Seating, which made the concert experience that much more surreal and exciting for me.

Billy Currington and Chase Bryant opened the show to get everyone’s heart racing before the real deal came out on stage. They sang some of their top hits and even interacted with the crowd, bringing some fans up on stage. As Billy Currington sang his last song and closed out the opener, the lights began to dim lower and lower with each second. You could physically feel the mood of the crowd getting more intense as everyone was excited to see Tim McGraw.

As the lights were completely dimmed, the band started playing and then the lights started flashing from each direction of the stage. The band played for ten minutes before McGraw made his way onto the stage. When the band stopped, a portion of the stage rose out from behind the drummer, and there, McGraw was. He began with one of his top hits “Truck Yeah” and had the crowd completely roaring; Everyone was singing and dancing. I knew all the lyrics and didn’t miss a beat! This was a once in a lifetime experience, sitting in floor seats to see someone who is considered “country royalty.”

McGraw played guitar and sang for almost two hours straight. I have never been to a concert where anyone kept a crowd going for that long, but he sure did a great job of doing so.  He closed out the night with his song “Shotgun Rider,” which his album was named after as well as his concert tour.

His tour will end in October, where he will have covered many different states in a 5-month period. I was very happy to of been able to catch his concert before the end of it. I have been to many different country concerts, but not one of them could’ve topped his. The next tour he has, I will most definitely be attending. It’s a must see for all country fans!