New Student Day 2013
MSMC Cheerleaders at the College Bowl. (Photo by William Biersack)

by Anthony Krueger

Another cold Sunday came to fruition at the Mount, the date being February 17. However this Sunday was not the usual one with the cold breeze cutting across campus or students sleeping in till noon. This past Sunday, the Mount welcomed a number of their already accepted students set to enter the Mount Community next fall. Students from all over the eastern sea board came to enjoy some fun activities as well as hear from faculty and staff about what it is like to be a student here at Mount Saint Mary College.

The day started with a mass up in Guzman Chapel. The mass was well received and the chapel was full of Mount students and visiting families alike.  Registration followed prayer and all the admissions ambassadors or “Knight Riders” were decked out in their blue fleeces and seen mingling amongst the visiting families. Questions were asked and jokes were made as the students slowly started to come into the MST Atrium and wait the next part of their day. The congestion in the MST Atrium became so overwhelming at around 10am, that admissions counselors began to allow families entry to the theatre.

At the same time as Registration, the Honors program asked those students accepted into the Mount’s Honors program to attend a breakfast. The breakfast took place in the Hudson Auditorium and gave students and their parents and opportunity to learn about the program and what it meant to be an Honor’s student here at Mount Saint Mary College. Before long the band of honorees marched their way back to Aquinas to join the rest of their class.

The theatre was where the fun really began, or rather more simply, was the initial action that cause the rest of the day to start.  Families sat eagerly and were ready to hear Father Mackin’s opening address welcoming everyone to the campus, as well as hear a few kind words from our own Jenn Garton. With no time wasted, it was now the part of the day where parents separated from their kids. It was time for the parents to hear from some departments on campus while their children were escorted to a variety of rooms to get a taste of the college experience.

By noon,  the schedule heard the rumbling of everybody’s stomach and it was time to take students to their respective lunches based off their major. These lunches were designed to have students interact with current Mount students as well as hear from the faculty they would find themselves learning from come the start of their time here at Mount Saint Mary College. Students seemed to slowly get more comfortable with their fellow classmates as well as the faculty. We at Mount Saint Mary College, pride ourselves on making sure everyone enjoys their college experience and feels a part of something great from the moment they hand in the application to the time they walk across the stage.

With hunger satisfied and faculty seeking to return home to the warmth that is their Sunday afternoon, ambassadors led their respective lunches over to Kaplan where students would have the opportunity to be center stage.

Upon entering the gym, students received their Class of 2017 t-shirt along with a pair of sunglasses, they being the first to own these sunglasses. With apparel in hand the students were then able to walk the runway as they experienced the Mount Saint Mary College Student Life Fair. Thirty plus clubs showcased their trifolds and gave new students an idea of their mission and activities that have been produced over time; the ultimate goal being to seek out new members before the leaves change color for the upcoming fall semester.

With pictures being taken and the music pumping up the vibe, students were soon ready to experience the College Bowl. The Bowl being a series of games that each respected group (Local, NY and Westchester, Long Island and Connecticut, New Jersey/ All Other States) could offer up their tributes to partake in some fun activities. After the fun, students being reunited with their families either for a tour or simply to return home.

At the end of the day Mount Saint Mary College New Student Day is meant to aid the student during the college decision making process. This is just another way the Mount showcases their drive in wanting to promote a well-rounded community. Knowing students are confused and looking for that one thing that stands out amongst other college, Mount Saint Mary College simply puts forth all they have to offer in a day that is no longer than five to six hours. This along with Summer Orientation act as stepping stones for high school students as they make the transition into college.

Look for the next New Student Day on March 23!