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By: Cristina Barrera

One of the first hurricanes to hit the U.S. this year was Hurricane Harvey on Aug. 17 in Texas, lasting until Sept. 3. It left 32,000 people homeless and caused over 100 billion in damage.

After hearing of the damage it has caused on Texas, many people responded to take action to help out. Ellen DeGeneres, Beyoncé, Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian West and many more have donated thousands of dollars to fundraisers to help out.

When Hurricane Harvey was reduced to a tropical storm, more hurricanes started to develop, specifically Hurricane Maria, Hurricane Jose and Hurricane Irma. Irma followed Harvey and has left hundreds of thousands of Floridians without power more than a week after it struck the state. Next Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico as a Category 4 and left the country without power. Now, Hurricane Jose is being watched to see where it’ll cause damage as it already is near North Carolina.

Although it has left millions of people in Texas, Georgia, Puerto Rico and Florida in devastation of losing their belongings, some friends or family and their own homes being taken away, the entire U.S. could soon feel the environmental impact of Hurricane Harvey. The past couple of hurricanes have forced citizens to travel far distances, disrupted work transportation, increased gas prices and even halted education. Many students who go to school down south had to evacuate and go back home–having classes canceled.

Aside from physical havoc, the hurricanes are attacking the economy too. Plane transportation prices skyrocketed due to thousands of people trying to get home safely. Also, according to U.S. News, gas prices have risen 9 cents nationally over the past two weeks, to $2.43 a gallon.

The impact the hurricanes are causing has devastated many people around the U.S. The only thing more important than getting things back up and running in areas that were affected by the hurricane, such as gas stations, hotels, nurseries, hospitals and colleges, is knowing our country came in as one. The victims have been getting support from different foundations, such as Red Cross, and it will bring things back together one day at a time.