by Fallon Godwin-Butler


From November 10 through November 12, Mount Saint Mary’s finest actors and actresses premiered their wonderful performance of Machinal. The play, written by Sophie Treadwell, starred George H. Jones (Daniel Shea), Helen Jones (Erin-Therese Vecchi), and Richard Roe (Glen Russo). The performance, a dramatic representation of Ruth Brown Snyder’s (Helen Jones) life, excitingly portrayed her repressed feelings and strong will to be free. Helen Jones’s desire was apparent from her emotional pleading, reciting the line “must get out” throughout the play. When the desires of Jone’s, her husband, overtook her, she planned an escape by murdering him. Upon Jones’s confession of the murder, she was executed in the electric chair, shocking the audience with a heart-wrenching ending and emotional farewell to her young daughter.

Members of the audience had a positive reaction to the production. Elizabeth Ma said, “The play was wonderful and entertaining.” An interview with Vecchi, Shea, and Russo provided interesting insight to what it was like working behind the scenes. All three members mentioned how wonderful it was to work with all members of the cast, and they felt that their acting abilities were improved upon preparing and performing this production. Interestingly, it was shared that many of the actors in the company were not theatre majors and did not have much theatre experience. However, the play was a success and provided a warming atmosphere for all members of the audience.

Overall, the play was a hit, and the actors and audience were delighted with the results. Glen Russo was glad he was allowed to show, as he said, “his versatility”. The director of the play, Professor Phillips, said, “it was a joy to come to work every night.” Not only was the production of Machinal a pleasure for it’s cast members, but also for the audience as well. Bravo to Mount Saint Mary College! The next production is highly anticipated!