Kelly Felthous (as Elle Woods) and Roxie (as Bruiser) in Legally Blonde (Photo by John Vecchiolla)

by Amy Rice

On Friday, April 20th, approximately twenty Mount Saint Mary College students attended “Legally Blonde The Musical” at Westchester Broadway Theatre in Westchester, New York. This trip was organized and executed by Mount Saint Mary College’s Student Government Association (SGA).

Before the performance began, students were treated to a dining experience right inside the theater. Mount Saint Mary College students only had to pay twenty dollars for both dinner and the show, compared to the standard price of eighty dollars per person. After indulging in both dinner and dessert, the musical began promptly at 7:00 pm.

“Legally Blonde The Musical” is based off the hit movie “Legally Blonde” that stars Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods and many other actors, including Luke Wilson, Jennifer Coolidge, Victor Garber, and many more. Elle Woods, a sorority fashion merchandise major, follows her ex-boyfriend Warner Huntington III to Harvard University after she is dumped due to her being “too blonde.”  Although initially attending Harvard to get back her one true love, she finds that he is engaged to another girl, which motivates Elle towards pursuing a Law Degree. Elle is eventually led into another man’s arms, Emmett, and turns down Warner after he decides he wants her back.

“Legally Blonde The Musical,” although following the storyline of the movie “Legally Blonde,” integrats up-beat, fast tempo pop music into its performance. The twenty person cast starring Kelly Felthous as Elle Woods, Robert Patrick Ryan as Warner Huntington III, and many other vocalists, enthusiastically performed songs such as “Omigod You Guys,” “Daughter of a Delta Nu,” “Ireland,” “Bend and Snap,” and fourteen others, with Kelly Felthous (Elle Woods) singing in sixteen of them! Each of the sixteen scenes included at least one song that kept the audience on their toes and laughing.

The songs sung by the cast stretch away from the original movie plot line and integrate other funny scenarios into the performance. In comparison with the movie, the songs add a more humorous and peppy tone to the storyline. Not only the singing add an extra element of spontaneity to the show, but also it was clear that the actors and actresses were experienced dancers.

The characters of Paulette Bonafonte (Jacquelyn Piro Donovan) and Enid Hoopes (Amber Coartney) specifically entertained the audience with their witty comments and laugh-provoking personalities. They are also two slightly understated characters that heightened the performance to what some describe as a new level of happiness, spontaneity, and cuteness.

Yes, cuteness.  It is no understatement to say that two characters in particular stole the show with their tail wags and tricks. Roxie and Paul Newman played the part of Elle and Paulette’s dogs, Bruiser and Rufus, respectively. Both pups demonstrated adorable tricks for the audience, and Rufus (Paul Newman) even came out after the show had concluded to play with all of his fans. Both pups put on an extraordinary performance, each entrance provoking an “aw” from the audience.

The show concluded with a roaring applause from the audience, much deserved after all of the energy and heart the cast had put into the performance. Although “Legally Blonde The Musical” diverged from the movie in parts, for any “Legally Blonde” lover, this musical is a must see, and a must see again.