by Matthew Lennon

NEWBURGH— Within the last year, Brian McGann started a broadcasting team at Mount Saint Mary College (MSMC) for students who are interested in radio and television production.

This team gives students a chance to work behind the scenes and experience what it is like to be an editor, sports broadcaster, or radio talk show host.

“I want this team to give students the freedom to experiment with new things and to be creative in their own unique ways,” said McGann.

This broadcasting team is open to any student, not just to those in the journalism and production programs.

“We’re looking for anybody with an interest, does not have to be specific,” said McGann. “If you want to come down here and host your own radio show about the nursing program and certain health benefits for students then come do it.”

McGann began this broadcasting team last year during the basketball season. He set up three cameras in the gym to catch every angle of the game. There were two play-by-play broadcasters sitting courtside and another person back in the studio streaming the video online.

This gave students and parents a chance to watch or listen to the game on their phones or computers if they could not make it in person.

In the 10 games the team covered, there was an average of 170 viewers per game.  The last game of the season produced 530 plus views.

“This is great for those students who live far away and if their parents cannot make a lot of games, or even the opposing teams’ parents and fans as well,” McGann said.

With the first test showing positive results, McGann can now expand to cover more sporting events, such as outdoor events like baseball, soccer or tennis.

“The previous president, Father Kevin [Mackin], said he had a vision to expand the radio station and eventually start broadcasting sporting events,” McGann said. “And that’s what we’re doing. I’m glad I can make this vision a reality.”

McGann has a vision himself. He eventually wants this team to be so successful that the school can build a co-curricular program out of it.

“Future plans would be to create a department,” said McGann. “This is a great opportunity for journalism majors to write reports and broadcast them, or graphic design majors to help make the videos that we stream look more professional. The options are open and ideas are always welcome.”

Any student interested in joining the team can contact McGann at, or visit him in room 008 in Hudson Hall.