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Mount Students Share How They Spend Their Easter

by Opeyemi Ifafore

It is typically the most well-attended Sunday service of the year for Christian churches.

While most of us will be going to church services and having an Easter meal shortly after, two Mount Saint Mary College students show how they put a spin on the Easter celebrations. Senior Christina SanFelippo and junior Kristen LaMarca celebrate in their own traditional ways.

Family. That remains the most important aspect for most people who celebrate. For SanFelippo and LaMarca, it is no different.


Easter Pies

“My family and I celebrate Easter quite similar to other families,” LaMarca, a journalism major said. “But the Easter pies that have been passed down from generations is what makes us a little different.”

A tradition that started back in Sicily, Italy, LaMarca said her great great grandmother once made the pies for her little Italian village every Easter. When LaMarca’s great grandmother was old enough, she learned to make the pies as well.

“She passed them down to her daughter, which is my Nana,” LaMarca said. “She passed down the recipe to my mother who continues to make the pie every Easter.”

After Easter Sunday Mass, LaMarca said they say grace at the table before they dive in to grain, meat and spaghetti pies.


Holy Saturday Frittata-Mania

For SanFelippo, a public relations major, Easter is a two-day celebration

“On Holy Saturday, my father’s extended family gets together in a big celebration called Frittata-Mania,” SanFelippo said. “This started because we couldn’t get together the day of Easter to celebrate, so we celebrate the night before.”

SanFelippo said the celebration can get a little crazy with the sixty guests in attendance. A tradition that started with her great grandmother’s special frittata on Easter mornings now serves as a way of keeping the family together.

Other than frittatas, SanFelippo said making Easter bread with her family has also become a tradition.

“I would make this with my grandmother every year,” SanFelippo said. “ This year will be a little different.”

Unfortunately, SanFelippo’s grandmother passed away last September, but she said she will have her sister and niece to help her this year.

“To me, it was a day to bake and learn about my family with my grandmother,” she said. “It was about the tradition of baking, but it became more of a bonding time between my grandmother and I.”

Family. That is what it’s all about.

Easter serves as a remembrance that Jesus has risen. It is also a time to reconnect with family.

“Jesus plays a significant role in our Easter festivities,” LaMarca said. “After Mass, it becomes a day of food, family, and fun.”

For SanFelippo it’s also a time of thanksgiving.

“We give thanks for the past year, and what lies ahead,” she said. “We’ve had many wedding celebrations and the arrival of two baby girls…We have many things to be thankful for.”