by Michael Reistetter

NEWBURGH—On Tues., Mar. 31st, the traditional schedule for Mount Saint Mary College (MSMC) was disregarded when students prepared to attend their Monday classes for a second consecutive day.

“It seems a little obscure, but they normally do this every year,” said sophomore Rose Linehan. “It just throws off a majority of people, but to a certain degree it is necessary, kind of like a post-midterm wake up call.”

“The reason for the ‘Monday-Monday-Wednesday’ schedule next week is due to ensuring an equal number of days within a semester,” commented Carlos Tonche of the Registrar’s Office before the schedule change took place. “The Mount currently has a 14-week Spring semester, so there should be 14 Mondays, 14 Tuesdays, and so on.”

Students are often misled to believe that this practice is a result of the amassed snow days the school has accumulated, specifically this semester. They talk amongst each other and spread a misconception, prompting campus wide speculation as to why this practice is done and if it even is necessary. Administration however, will confirm that is indeed incredibly important, whether the students want to believe it or not.

Tonche added that a “challenge arises” when there are “holidays within a semester that alter the pattern.”

“The Calendar Committee that met back in 2012 recommended the ‘Monday-Monday-Wednesday’ solution for this year, and also for last year,” said Tonche. “Faculty Senate approved the current Academic Calendar back in 2012.”

Even with an explanation from a higher-up, some students still have strong opposition to the reasoning behind this customized schedule.

“They should factor in the snow days in deciding whether they’ll decide to use this schedule or not,” said Junior Nick Mancuso. “I understand that the calendar was created months earlier, but me personally, I didn’t attend one of my Tuesday classes until three weeks into the semester because of the snow days. Now the semester is past the midterm point and I have to it miss it once again because of the ‘Monday-Monday-Wednesday.’”

Teachers, as a result of the multitude of snow days, have supposedly adjusted their curriculum plans to meet the capacity of the students who, by no fault of their own, have been missing out on possible opportunities to learn. After the inauguration of new president Anne Carson Daly caused all classes to be cancelled last Thursday, yet another Tuesday/Thursday schedule has been disrupted, and students are displeased.

“Why can’t we just have class when we normally would?” said sophomore Tori Friszell. “I’m sure a lot of the teachers here would feel the same way.”