by Mallika Rao

Last Saturday, February 2, comic/magician Brian Miller showed off his stuff to the students of Mount Saint Mary College, and the results were spectacular. His appealing, Backstreet Boy quality charmed the nearly thirty people lounging around in the Knight Spot. His first trick was centered on turning one rope into three.  Then, he turned a deck of cards into varying items, such as dollar bills, credit cards, tarot cards, and even a Monopoly “Get out of Jail Free” card.

Junior Amy Battaglia gave a $1 bill to Miller, which he made disappear by using fire, only to have it reappear in a present. The present was one of many items displayed on a table, and pulled out from Miller’s bag. The other items were a lemon, toilet paper, a pen from a bank, and a red ball. Afterwards, Miller performed a comedy routine where he exalted the power of Spanish to English translation, and vice versa. “Napoleon Dynamite” sounds more interesting in Spanish than it does in English, according to the comic.

Junior Robert Petrarca was told that he would be the participant of a “big” card trick. When the trick did not go as planned, Miller pulled out a brochure for a cleverly titled insurance policy called “SCAM.” Sophomore Alexander Flores’s task was to play Miller as a little boy for an egg, which Miller magically pulled out of a bag. Another comedy routine followed where Miller boasted about his half-Jewish heritage, and how he uses it to get out of commitments. Then, he poked fun at Jay Leno’s “Headlines” a bit, and turned a bunch of funny headlines into one large newspaper.

Freshman Stephen Bloshuk raised his hand when asked who likes classic rock. Miller then pulled out a list of his forty favorite songs of all time. Bloshuk was instructed to take out three to four slips of paper, and pulled out six. Each slip had a number between 1 and 40, and Bloshuk pulled out the numbers 30, 8, 6, 16, 21, and 25. Miller pulled out one of the slips, and the song selected was, hilariously, Miley Cyrus’s “Can’t Be Tamed.” Afterwards, Bloshuk named The Rolling Stones as his favorite band in order to receive a poster of them and received a Hannah Montana poster instead.

After everyone else went up to volunteer, it was my turn. I was more than excited to finally get the chance to go up on stage. I was asked to visualize a card from a deck and draw it out on a dry-erase board without Miller looking. I picked the three of spades. Once I was done with my drawing, Miller brought out his deck of cards, where all but one were marked with an X. The one that wasn’t marked? The three of spades, of course. I was so overjoyed that the card trick actually worked, I felt like I won a free car on “The Price is Right.”

Originally from Buffalo, NY, Miller would often poke fun at his hometown in his comic routine. “It never gets any applause,” he remarked. A professional magician since the tender age of sixteen, Miller has been performing at college and corporate events for three years. His inspirations include David Copperfield, his father, his grandfather, and the various comics that would grace his college campus.