by Allen Ortiz

With the passing of this year’s employment fair, many of you who attended may still be wondering, “what is that one thing missing from my resume that will help me stand out from the rest?” Well, learning another language is a great skill to add to your resume and to help increase your chances of being hired.

Many companies are expanding their businesses to different parts of the globe, and it has become more imperative than ever for applicants to know a foreign language or two. The demand for bilingual applicants is at an all time high, and according to’s article, “Looking for a New Job? Boost your Opportunities by Learning a Second Language,” a 2012 CareerBuilder survey shows that 44 percent of employers surveyed plan to hire bilingual workers.

If a decision to hire a potential employee comes down to two applicants, it’s more likely the applicant who knows another language will be hired.

While learning another language like French or Spanish may increase your chances of being hired, it also comes with an array of other advantages. One of those advantages would be the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease and improvement of memory. According to, “A 2011 Canadian study found that bilingual people developed Alzheimer’s symptoms four to five years later than people who spoke only one language.”

By learning another language  your brain strengthens and your ability to remember what people say and what you have read increases a great deal. It has also been proven that learning another language increases your vocabulary and improves your grammar skills. Furthermore, being bilingual allows language learners to receive a better understanding of their own language, as well as turn the average writer into a better writer within a few lessons.

While learning another language may seem time consuming, a program like Rosetta Stone offers lessons that last for only about 30 minutes. A 30-minute language lesson a day can increase the likelihood of landing the job you want, while decreasing your chances of health risks such as Alzheimer’s. So pick a language and start improving your life today.