by Brittany Ambrosino 

Popular for their wide variety of clothing and intimates catered toward the plus size woman (sizes 14 to 28), Lane Bryant is definitely turning heads with their new campaign that started April 7 entitled, I’m No Angel.

The campaign’s purpose is to promote their lingerie line, Cacique, and spark a conversation about the idea of women, their body image, and what is deemed acceptable in society’s eyes.

Being a plus size woman is noted as being much harder when it comes to shopping for clothes and intimates because items do not come in the correct sizes or are made poorly, and with 68% of females in America wearing a size 12 or above, the #ImNoAngel campaign is striving to bridge that divide.

Video for the Lane Bryant #IMNOANGEL initiative (Video courtesy of Lane Bryant)

Lane Bryant CEO, Linda Heasley, stated, “There are many women who are proud to say they’re plus, and women who aren’t comfortable saying that. It’s about making all women feel beautiful and sexy; they don’t want to be constrained.”

It is no surprise that the company is getting some backlash for its seemingly obvious dig at famous clothing and lingerie line, Victoria’s Secret. Unlike Lane Bryant, Victoria’s Secret caters towards a smaller woman, with sizes ranging from extra small to extra large.

On the runway, Victoria’s Secret “Angels” are prominently thinner women. Lane Bryant is putting the “angel” comparison on the forefront and is striving to end the gap between women of different sizes.

Their newest ad which showed women ranging from sizes zero to two standing in a line with a caption across them that read “The Perfect Body” was quickly criticized as promoting “skinny shaming,” by obviously calling out Victoria’s Secret and their models’ slimmer bodies.

CEO Linda Heasley responded to these accusations stating, “It’s more than just what size you are, it’s about being who you are and embracing who you are—that’s what the campaign is about.”

Whether it’s looked at in a positive light or not, Lane Bryant is definitely making a statement and standing up for women of all sizes.