by Anthony Krueger

Did you know Mount Saint Mary College has an acapella group? Do you know what an acapella group is?

“I wanted to start an acapella group on campus the moment I watched Pitch Perfect,” said President and club Founder Breanna Scott.

Scott said because of Pitch Perfect more and more people showed interest in singing acapella.

“Acapella is a group of people singing without any instruments to back them up,” said Scott. “They simply use their voices to make beautiful music.”

“I was overly excited to hear the Mount would be having its own acapella group,” said Sophomore Brittany Ambrosino.

The Knight Notes were created at the end of the Spring 2013 semester.

Scott started Knight Notes by going through the proper channels of speaking with Student Activities, writing a constitution for the club, and pitching the idea to the student body government.

“The process was long,” said Scott. “I am happy to say [that] seeing the growth this club has had, just in these first couple months, makes it all worth it.”

Ambrosino said she wasted no time speaking to Scott and the Vice President of the club, Anthony Krueger, about taking on the position of Public Relations Representative.

“I am not one for singing in public,” said Ambrosino. “I do, however, love spreading the word about Knight Notes to any and everyone who will listen.”

The Knight Notes have slowly been making their way into the limelight.

“We were excited when the group got asked to sing the National Anthem at Mount Olympics and Powder Puff,” said Krueger.

Scott said because of a prior commitment she was unable to sing at the Knight Notes debut during Mount Olympics. She was upset but remembered the group would be performing again in just two days.

“I cannot wait to sing alongside by fellow aca-people,” said Scott. “All of us have been working so hard and I’m glad people are finally hearing us.”

“[Since] our performance, I’ve heard nothing but good things,” said Treasurer Olivia Poulx.

Athletic Director John Wright appraoched the group at Mount Olympics and asked how he could get the Knight Notes to sing at the basketball games.

Scott said she was thrilled to hear all the positive feedback following the group’s first performance.

“Doors are opening up for the group,” said Ambrosino. “I for one am excited to see where the Knight Notes go.”

The Knight Notes will have two performances under their belt before the beginning of November.

“The group is looking into caroling for the entire campus as it gets closer to the end of the semester,” said Scott.

The Knight Notes haven’t been around long but they are a group to watch out for. Ambrosino said the Knight Notes are such a treasure to have at the Mount. She is happy to be a part of it.

As for long term goals, Scott said she would ultimately like to see the group travel to the International Championship of Collegiate Acapella.

With their subtle beginnings to finally breaking their silence, the Knight Notes will not be forgotten.


The Knight Notes performing the National Anthem at the 2013 Powder Puff Football game. (Video by William Biersack)