iOS 7
iOS 7, the new operating system released for Apple Devices. (Photo courtesy of

by Brittany Ambrosino

What were you doing on September 17th, 2013? By the looks of social media and news, it is safe to say that most people were glued to their phones. Why, you ask? Apple released its new iPhone Update iOS7. An operating system with a completely new look and brand new features, iOS7 is one of the most anticipated updates of their history. But how do you go from what you’re used to using every day to having your daily device suddenly change? It was entertaining to see the amount of frustration, excitement, and overall confusion caused by the update. Why do I have to click this? What does this button do? Why does my camera have filters? Why are my apps moving? Well, no fear, this “How To” will hopefully clear some of it up and help you navigate your way through iOS7.

Number 1: The Command Center
One of the most useful tools in the iPhone system was being able to double click the home button to delete apps that were in use. With iOS7, you can still access all of those features, just a little differently. Now, when you double click the home button, a screenshot of your app will pop up. To delete those apps from being in use, you simply swipe them up and away.

Another awesome feature involves swiping up from the bottom of your screen. When you do so, five features will pop up: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Airplane mode, Do Not Disturb, and Orientation lock. Turning them on and off just involves a tap on the button of each option! Below that are the options of controlling your phones music volume and your song and phone screen brightness. Finally, below that are multiple accessories such as the calculator, clock, camera, and a flashlight. There is also no limit to how many apps you can hold in a folder on your home screen at any time.

The command center is definitely one of the better features added to the update. It was a great idea for Apple to include some of the most important features used on a daily basis all in one accessible place.

Number 2: The Camera
The iPhone’s camera has upgraded as well. It comes equipped with High Dynamic Range as well as Panorama! It also comes with filters. You also can view photos as collections, which are sorted by dates (kind of like Macbook Pros and Airs).

Number 3: Blocking
iOS7 has made it easy to ignore people you don’t wish to talk too. It now allows you to block numbers from texting, calling, or face timing you.

Number 4: Messaging
The overall look of messaging has changed with the new update. It’s no longer blue and green with a 3D effect. It’s now 2D and in blue and white. A picture can now also be featured next to the text message of the person you’re talking too. With a simple swipe to the left you can now also see the time a message was sent.

Number 5: Updates
In all past iPhone updates, you would have to go to the Applications app and manually update your apps. With iOS7, your apps automatically update when necessary.

Number 6: Air Drop
With the new Air Drop feature, there’s no need to send pictures, videos, and contacts through text or email. Now, if you’re nearby the person you’re sending it too, you can hit the Air Drop button and it will directly send it to them through Wi-Fi.

Number 7: Background Theme
iOS7 came with a completely new look. You can now change the colors on the lock pad. You do this depending on the background you choose for your lock screen. If your picture has more blue in it, you’ll see that your lock pad will change to blue.

Special Hidden Features:

  • This awesome feature is in Safari’s bookmarks menu! When you go to the Bookmarks menu and click on the “@” symbol, it will bring up a list of tweets from your twitter feed that contain links. You can then click those links and see what your friends are talking about!
  • Your iPhone will sing you Happy Birthday! If your birthdate is entered into your profile with your contact details, Siri will sing you Happy Birthday!
  • You can now correct Siri when she mispronounces a name incorrectly. It will give three options of how she thinks it’s supposed to be pronounced and you choose which one is best correct.