Student in Henry's Courtside Cafe (Photo courtesy of Lee Ferris, Mount Saint Mary College)

by Clare O’Keefe 

NEWBURGH- Henry’s Courtside Café recently added “Henry’s After Dark” hours, which now means Henry’s will be open until 3 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays for the rest of the semester.

Henry’s Café is a popular spot on the Mount Saint Mary College (MSMC) campus. Located in Hudson Hall, Henry’s is in a convenient spot to stop by and get food in-between classes or even just to have a meal and sit and eat. Henry’s is already known for their late hours, being open until midnight every day. The addition of the later hours will make it a more popular spot to hangout.

Henry’s does not serve the same type of food in the on campus dining hall, known as The View. As a café, its menu includes personal pizzas, salads, wraps, sandwiches, french fries, wings, mozzarella sticks, daily soup and pasta specials and many other foods that are made-to-order. Students buy food items individually and pay with Mount Money, flex points, cash or debit/credit.

Most students are thrilled with the new late night hours. The idea for the after dark hours was an idea from students who brought it to the attention of Sodexo, the food company that serves the students on campus.

According to the flyers hanging around campus, Sodexo said they understand that students get hungry late, even later than midnight. So it wanted to offer food on campus that’s easily accessible late into the night.

Sophomore Courtney Blanton said Henry’s After Dark is the greatest thing that has happened to MSMC.

Sophomore Briana Cherwinski agrees that Henry’s After Dark was a great addition.

“Even though the menu is restricted, it makes it much more convenient to get food late at night,” said Cherwinski.

The menu for Henry’s After Dark includes chicken tenders, chicken/cheese quesadilla, quesadilla burger, chicken ranch wrap, chicken wings, mozzarella sticks, breakfast sandwiches, French fries, mac bites, chicken bacon ranch pizza, southwest salad, chicken Caesar salad, the Lombardi and Mount club.

Students are also happy that hours were extended because majority of college students are up late into the night such as sophomore Kira Adler.

“It’s very awesome, and they’ll make so much money,” said Adler. “So many people stay up late, it’ll be really good for people coming back from parties but even if they aren’t going out to parties, all college kids are up late at night. Having Henry’s open late will be really great especially when finals start.”

Sophomore Amanda Clemens agrees Henry’s After Dark will be very profitable for Sodexo.

Clemens said she thinks that 3 a.m is a great time to stay open until.

With finals week coming right around, it’s a guarantee students all across campus will be up late studying.

“Now that finals are coming up people are going to be staying up late studying so it gives them the ability to still get food here on campus,” said Cherwinski.

Regardless of the convenience of the late hours, most students are happy because they all love Henry’s food.

Sophomore Amanda Luciano is a big fan of Henry’s Café.

“Henry’s food makes me happy and since we have easy access to it late at night during the weekends, overall students will be happier on the weekends,” said Luciano.