Can’t decide what to be this year for Halloween? These ideas can help!

Individual Costumes
A minion from Despicable Me
-Yellow shirt
-Jean overalls or denim shorts
-Big glasses that look like goggles
-White tennis shoes

Athletic player
-Plain jersey
-Fabric paint
-Any equipment of any sport you choose (Football helmet, racket, soccer cleats, etc.)
-Shorts/leggings/yoga pants

-Bandeau (any color you want)
-Long skirt (any color)
-Bare feet or sandals
-Seashells can be glued onto a plain white or black side bag (very easy to do)

Honey Boo Boo
-Pink, puffy gown with rhinestones
-Curl hair to make bouncy and full (If you are not naturally blonde, you can buy a wig or use temporary hair dye)
-Create an over-the-top look by adding a lot of lipstick, bright eye shadows, bronzer and fake eye lashes to add volume like the beauty queen herself

Group Costumes
Zoo animals
-Orange shirt painted with black stripes
-Black pants or leggings
-Orange Converse sneakers
-Orange headband
-Face painted with whiskers
-Pom-poms for ears (paint them orange)


-Mustard yellow or brown shirt                                                                                                                                                                     -Brown pants or leggings                                                                                                                                                                   -Brown or yellow Converse sneakers
-Brown headband
-Pom-poms that can make ears (paint them yellow)
-Brown or yellow fabric to make a tail


-Black or white shirt
-Black pants or leggings
-Black Converse sneakers
-Black or white headband
-Fabric to make two ears to put on headband
-Black and white fabric to make a tail

Fairy-tale Themed
-Tightly fit bodice
-Poufy short skirt or tutu
-Sparkly tights
-Wings can be homemade by placing old tights or stockings over shaped wire hangers and decorating them with glitter, rhinestones and/or gems
-A wand made with satin ribbon and glitter
-A messy hairstyle like crimping or curling with volume will fit perfectly. Pin bright colored flowers or make a flower crown or wreath
and use some spray-on glitter

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
     -Green shirts
-Aluminum baking trays to use as shells and spray paint green
-Wear different color bands on your head

Care Bears
-Make ears out of colored paper or felt
-Make care bear belly out of white paper or felt cloth
-Draw symbol of bear you choose

Men in Black
-Wear a black suit
-Put on shades

101 Dalmatians
-Wear a white outfit
-Use black marker to draw spots on your clothes
-Use makeup to draw spots all over your face

Alvin and the Chipmunks
-Dress up in red, blue and green
-Cut out the letter “A” from yellow paper to put on red outfit
-Make ears out of brown fabric

Costumes for Guys
Incredible Hulk
-Use scissors to cut a ripped pattern in pants and shirt
-Paint body green and paint face
-Temporary green hair color can be used
-You can make fake, bushy eyebrows like the Hulk by using dark Halloween makeup

-Black, gray, or white pants
-Wear a colored shirt and draw a number on the back, or wear an actual jersey
-Add black lines under your eyes and carry around a football

Jersey Shore
-Tight fitted shirt or wife beater
-Denim jeans
-Grenade whistle (optional)
-Any color Nikes
-Gel hair and blow dry to add volume
-Hold a shot glass or red solo cup
-Go around yelling “It’s t-shirt time”, “cabs are here”, and “yeah buddy!”

This is just an idea guide- costumes can be altered to change your wants or needs. Happy Halloween!