by Erin-Therese Vecchi

Have you ever heard the expression “sings like a bird?” How about, “sings like a goat?”  Apparently, singers and entertainers such as Taylor Swift, Whitney Houston, and Queen do sound like goats.  So, while you’re perusing the Mount Messenger in your Computer Literacy class or not paying attention to what will be on your final because there is a computer in front of you, take a look at the top five viral “Goat Song” videos.

5. Miley Cyrus- Is she with Gale from The Hunger Games?  Until TMZ reports that, let’s focus on the song that rocked a nation. “Party in the USA.”  Hannah Montana’s barnyard friends joined in the chorus.


4. Taylor Swift- Taylor Swift’s songs are known to cradle a girl’s broken heart. She is notorious for calling out her exes through her music. Maybe her next song will call out this goat for interrupting her like Kanye did.


3. Queen- Admit it, after passing a nursing exam or getting an A in Dr. Cotter’s class, you start singing “We Are the Champions.” Even if it was just in your head, the spirit of Freddie Mercury takes over you. Don’t feel special; apparently Mercury’s spirit also took over this goat.


2. Justin Bieber- Bieber’s career got started from videos that went viral on YouTube. Now it appears that this well-sung goat is trying to squeeze in on the action.


1. Whitney Houston- Whitney Houston had some set of pipes. While she is the voice of many anthems including her rendition of our own National Anthem, Ms. Houston appears to be out sung by a goat in this viral YouTube video.