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By: Mike Reistetter

 Musical Exchange has returned with another ace of an event, in the form of “Gender Bender.”

Having taken place on March 8, “Gender Bender” paid homage to Spike’s “Lip Sync Battle,” which itself took inspiration from a recurring skit on both Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, respectively.

Musical Exchange, led by officers Niko Marzouka, Steve Juergensen, Geoffrey Quist, and Jake Kosack collaborated with the Improvology Club, led by president Joe Certa, to arrange and oversee their second main event.

Student participants were encouraged to sign up in groups of three or more, and were required to prepare two songs with lyrics sang by a vocalist of the opposite sex.

Three teams faced off each other, with one female group, and two male groups competing for the main prize. “Not-So-N’SYNC,” consisting of Caitlyn Campbell, Deidre Lydon, Taylor Krajewski, Catherine Schuler, and Hailey Smith; “The Spice Guys,” consisting of Joe Certa, Chris DiScala, and Derek O’Hanlon; and “Destiny’s Child,” (unofficially known as “Destiny’s Nephew” to several members amongst the audience), consisting of Adam Al-Haraizeh, Justin Perez, and Daniel Witke.

The participants, who performed various past and recent-hit songs, were rated by an American Idol-style judge panel of household names within the MSMC community, such as SGA president Brad Moody, Assistant coordinator of Student Activities Himali Pandya, Fr. Francis Amodio, and RD’s Jenn Garton and Collin Seifrit.

Standout moments from the show include Destiny’s Child’s spandex-wearing rendition of Beyoncé’s “Drunk in Love,” The Spice Guys impromptu approach to choreography, and Musical Exchange’s surprising invitation for the judges to take the stand for their very own dance number and lip-sync battle.

Not-So-N’SYNC took home a large bag of candy, The Spice Guys won a $50 gift card to Billy Joe’s, and Destiny’s Child secured the high-coveted $100 visa gift card.

In a month where the MSMC’s Dining Hall, “The View,” has reverted from playing contemporary music and instead has a selected a playlist entirely made up of 90s and early 2000s music, there was no better way for one of MSMC’s newest and most popular clubs to provide an outlet for students to demonstrate their appreciation of such music.

Musical Exchange would like to thank Pizza Shop and Billy Joe’s for the food supply and generous gift donations, respectfully. Their next event will be “Spring Jam Fest” on April 7.