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by: Madison Beckman

A party playlist circa 2009 was not complete without at least one Kesha song. Kesha, the singer with a colorfully eccentric personality and her love of beards, helped to define a generation with her collection of hit songs.

But then, music trends changed, and she seemed to fade to the background of the music scene, until she just didn’t have any new songs at all.

What fans didn’t realize was that Kesha was going through a legal battle that prohibited her from releasing new music.

According to papers filed in Los Angeles County Court in October 2014 under her legal name Kesha Rose Sebert, the singer accused her producer, Dr. Luke, of abusing her both physically and emotionally during their time together. She alleges that Dr. Luke drugged her with GHB and then raped her while she was unconscious.

Naturally, Kesha does not want to work with her abuser. However, according to her contract, she is obligated to work with Dr. Luke for any new music that she would release. As a result, her career has been on an indefinite hiatus.

In October of 2015, Kesha filed an injunction on the State of New York that would allow her to break her contract with Dr. Luke, and continue releasing music. According to the singer, if she is not allowed to return to work, her career is “effectively over.”

Dr. Luke has responded to all of these accusations by counter suing Kesha and her mother, Pebe Sebert, for breach of contract and defamation of character.

On Feb. 3, a New York judge dismissed that case against Pebe Sebert due to jurisdiction issues and a lack of evidence supporting the Dr. Luke’s claims. However, Dr.

Luke’s lawyers have refiled the lawsuit in Tennessee, so it is still an active case.

Originally, a decision was supposed to be made regarding whether or not Kesha would be able to break her contract on Jan. 26, but that has been postponed until Feb. 19 due to a blizzard.

Fans have been using the hashtag #FreeKesha on social media as a way to show support for the singer and share their outrage at the situation.