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By: Clare O’Keefe

NEWBURGH- The Christmas season is officially upon us! From ugly sweater parties to secret Santa exchanges, the Christmas festivities are endless. One of the more popular events, maybe even infamous, is SantaCon.

What is SantaCon? It is a yearly Christmas event held all throughout the entire world. A single day where thousands of people, dressed up as Santa or other Christmas characters up and flood to their respective cities. During the day, there are bars the Santa’s can flock towards to converse with and celebrate the Christmas season as a collective group. People say there is nothing quite like it. Imagine… thousands of Santa Claus’ roaming about countless cities, singing Christmas carols while getting into the Holiday spirit.

For the first time ever, my friends and I decided we would go to SantaCon in New York City this year. We heard many times in the past how much fun it was and that it was worth the trip. We put our heads together, ordered costumes and patiently waited for Dec. 10to arrive.

Since none of us have ever been there before, we were not really too sure of what to expect during the day. We had been reading articles and the SantaCon website to figure out as much as we could to be best prepared for the coveted event.

Just as any other college student, we were all excited, but also very stressed, with the semester coming to a conclusion. What better way to reward us than to celebrate the Christmas season than with thousands of other Santa’s? We all felt that it would really boost our spirits and holiday morale.

What did we expect? First and foremost we expected to have a great time! We also expected some free holiday entertainment, as SantaCon is notorious for getting a little rowdy at times. But overall, we expected a great sense of holiday spirit and a fun day filled with memories to last a lifetime! And boy, did we experience all this and more…