(left to right) Gabby Scull, Anthony Cona, and Thomas Fallon (Photo courtesy of Anthony Cona)

by Jade Hanley

Relay For Life at Mount Saint Mary College (MSMC) is an event that students always look forward to. With the event always bringing in such a large attendance, Colleges Against Cancer (CAC) begins preparations months in advance.

Mount Messenger has the chance to talk to Anthony Cona, co-chair of the MSMC Relay for Life, a member of CAC, and cancer survivor about the event.


Mount Messenger: What should students expect at Relay For Life?

Anthony Cona: Relay For Life is a celebration of life. We try every year to bring back events that the community enjoyed while still bringing new, fun events that everyone can enjoy.


MM: Speaking of events, what kind of events should we expect this year?

AC: Some highlights will be a live performance by Pros & iCons, Zumba, and Miss Relay. We will also have events that are going on all night to keep the energy up, such as a photo-booth or an arts-and-crafts table.


MM: Why should people attend the event rather than just donate?

AC: Honestly, it’s just fun. The event brings the Mount together. I believe this event is about more than raising money; it’s about the people and the support that we all can provide to people in need.


MM: Do you have any advice for a newcomer?

AC: Stay the whole night! Some of the best events are later in the night and bring money. Even if you have not raised money, there are a lot of on-sight fundraisers, which a lot of people miss out on.


Last year, the Mount students raised over $47,000 for Relay For Life, and this year’s goal is a hefty $50,000. For Anthony, the goal he personally has is that everyone has a good time. “Success of the event is not about money to me, it’s about what everyone takes away from it.”


The event kicks off tonight, Mar. 27 in Kaplan Gym from 6pm-6am.