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 By: Laura Wetherbee

FLUSHING, N.Y.—Founders Entertainment held The Meadows Festival in the Citi Field parking lot on Saturday, Oct. 1 and Sunday, Oct. 2, where Chance the Rapper opened for Kanye West.

Chance The Rapper started his set with “Blessings,” the first song from his latest project, Coloring Book. He set the tone with an energetic performance. The entire crowd was dancing and singing, captivated by the ingenious lyrics and upbeat rhythms Chance displayed.

During Chance’s opening act, a group of large puppets came out to perform with him at one point, and complimented Chance with different yet equally fantastic showmanship. These puppets were brightly colored and added some variety into his set, which set Chance apart from other artists at the festival.

Later on, Chance performed his soulful hit “Sunday Candy” with Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment.

At sets’ end, Chance teased the crowd with a new project he has been working on, and quickly broke into singing “Summer Friends.”  This was a smooth sendoff for Chance, transitioning the night over to its highly anticipated headliner, Kanye West.

Kanye kept the crowd left in unwanted suspense, making them wait for nearly half an hour before eventually stepping onto the stage. Once he arrived, the crowd instantaneously experienced “good vibes.” His celebrity status alone moved an audience awestruck by his presence.

There was a full-fledged fireworks display during Kanye’s performance, which included hits like “Famous,” Jesus Walks,” and “Flashing Lights.”

The crowd was hooked, loving every minute of Kanye’s powerful theatrics. However, around 9:40 p.m., Kanye announced there was a family emergency and he had to tend to, bringing an abrupt end to the festival.

As it turns out, Kanye’s wife, model and reality television personality Kim Kardashian, was held up at gunpoint and robbed in Paris, France, forcing Kanye to end his set early.

All in all, the Meadows Music Festival delivered some influential and commanding performances from Chance the Rapper and Kanye West.  Regardless of the unfortunate way this particular weekend festival concluded, the future still looks positively bright for Founders Entertainment’s new Meadows Music Festival in New York.