Career Center Staff
Career Center Staff Kathleen O'Keefe (left) and Janet Zeman (right) with former college president Fr. Kevin Mackin (center). (Photo by Lee Ferris, Mount Saint Mary College)

by Christine Urio

Between lectures and seminars, it’s hard to imagine learning outside of the classroom. But nothing compares to the lessons students can take away from the Career Center at Mount Saint Mary College (MSMC).

The MSMC Career Center offers numerous services for both Mount students and alumni, helping them succeed in the future and prepare for life after college.

“We assist students with their professional development so they are prepared for life after graduation,” said Kathleen O’Keefe, the Associate Director of the Career Center.  “This can be anything from choosing a major, to writing a resume, to applying to graduate school.”

The Career Center helps people with their majors if they are unhappy or undecided, fleshing out options so students know their choices when they are looking to pursue a degree.

When I transferred to MSMC and was still undecided as a junior, the Career Center acted as a beneficial resource in assisting me and confirming that I was on the right track to an aspiring future.

The Career Center also provides professional skill development and teaches students how to write cover letters and resumes, as well as interview strategies through workshops, which cover topics such as dining etiquette, networking, and employment fairs.

Junior Aimee Caron utilizes the services of the Career Center and has professionals assist her every time her resume needs to be updated.

“I landed a summer research project last year because of the Career Center,” Caron said. “When I came back to them this year, they helped me update my resume, for the third time, so now it looks professional and has more sustenance.”

The skills the Career Center develops in students ultimately assist them in finding work, both permanent and part-time.

In addition, it also provides students with internship opportunities, to affirm that they are happy in their field and gain experience in it before they graduate, which is helpful in building skills and looks impressive on a resume.

“Do at least one internship,” O’Keefe suggests. “Experience in your field is what makes you marketable.”

The internship I recently obtained through the Career Center has helped me to make connections and gain knowledge in the journalism world, which I hope to pursue after graduation.

The Career Center provides service for alumni as well, which is comforting, for even after I have earned my diploma, I am not abandoned and can always come back for assistance.

Many Mount graduates speak highly of this generous offer which provides both practical and powerful tools to polish post-graduate portfolios: they can enhance your resume, expand your professional network, and help you explore options.

“Our services are free of charge to all alumni,” says O’Keefe. “We will assist alumni in a job search and/or updating resumes and cover letters.

The Career Center is more than just a student program, but provides tools, skills, and opportunities for advancement in life-long success.

Whether you are graduating this year, or have graduated 5 years ago, the Career Center guarantees a bright and happy future for all who take advantage of their individualized services.

“We work with students 1:1 and in group presentations,” O’Keefe said. “Why? Because using our services will make them better prepared for what lies ahead.”