by Erin-Therese Vecchi

Why should you spend your hard earned cash on a girl who is going to whine that you are not like Edward? Maybe you just want to hang out with your two B’s: bro’s and brews. For you men not thinking romance, how about some movies that will help your bromance.

1. Wedding Crashers

John and Jeremy are living the dream crashing weddings, getting ladies, and taking names. Literally they are taking names in order to get into weddings. Admit it, you’ve thought about crashing a wedding since seeing this. If you haven’t seen this yet, grab a bro and grab a beer, for those of the drinking age, and prepare to crack some ribs laughing.

 2. A Night at the Roxbury

Doug and Steve Butabi are brothers with two goals. #1 to get into the night club called the Roxbury. #2 to own their own a club where the inside looks like the outside and the outside looks like the inside. This is the movie that got Will Ferrell his start. This Saturday Night Live produced movie will give you quotes, dance moves, and worldly advice like men should not wear thongs at the beach.

3. Old School

Every male over 20 is guilty of yelling “you’re my boy, Blue!” A group of friends try to recapture their college days by starting a fraternity. Will Ferrell, Luke Wilson, Vince Vaughn, Jeremy Piven?  All college men should own this movie

4. Animal House

Toga. Toga. Toga! This may be your dad’s favorite movie, but it could easily be yours too! In the Lily White College Community, there is only one abomination: Delta Tau Chi Fraternity. The same producer who gave us Old School, Eurotrip, and Road Trip, started with Animal House. So consider this the big brother to all of your favorite comedies.

5. The Hangover

Don’t be a one man wolf pack this Valentine’s Day. Go to Vegas with your fellow wolves and party with Mike Tyson’s tiger…or to save on money, just watch “The Hangover.” There is a second and upcoming third chapter to complete this king among bromances but it’s safe to say that this movie can stand on its own.

Honorable mentions: “Fight Club,” “The Sand Lot,” “Remember the Titans,” and “The Goonies.”

Why worry about hearts and flowers when you can crash weddings, join a frat, and go to Vegas? Grab your wolf pack and make it Bro’s Night In this Valentine’s Day.