Oct 22, 2012
Students gather around for the Mount's annual bonfire. (Photo by Sean Sullivan)

by Katrina Avrila

The leaves are changing, the weather is getting cooler, and the smell of fall is in the air…or is it fire? On Saturday October 20th, Mount Saint Mary College’s Student Activities Office hosted its 17th Annual Bonfire.

Serving as the culmination of Spirit Week, Bonfire took place in the Guzman parking lot, which was transformed into a fall festival. The night started at 5:00pm with dinner catered by Sodexo. Students used one meal swipe to gain unlimited access to all of the fall foods they could possibly eat. Students also had the opportunity to get their picture taken and imposed onto a horror movie poster of their choice before making their way to the bouncy slide where their inner child had a chance to shine.

Sodexo, along with Student Activities, provided students with a multitude of free treats that included kettle corn, freshly made donuts, candy apples, and hot apple cider. Students rushed to get in line for their snacks before they found the best spot to watch the fire burn.

The Mount's Dance team performed at Bonfire for the student body. (Photo by Sean Sullivan)

Student Body President Brian Klose lit the fire at promptly 6:00pm. Students cheered as the fire went ablaze and the heat was felt all around in a matter of seconds. Everyone felt a sense of camaraderie as they watched the fire and felt the beat of the music pumping through their veins.

MSMC’s well-loved Anthony Krueger took the dance floor once again, but was quickly overshadowed by his younger counterpart. The two quickly engaged in a friendly dance battle…until they were joined by the infamous Bonfire Banana. The trio danced their hearts out (or their peels off) until they were forced off the stage by the MSMC Dance Team.

The Dance Team put on two dazzling performances both before and after the MSMC Cheer Team took the stage. The three performances captivated the audience and kept up the school spirit that had been carried throughout the whole of spirit week.

Students watched the fire and took pictures with their friends until the fire died down at 8:00 pm. Many stuck around to dance and talk with friends, professors, and faculty members, while others made their way to Hudson Hall for the Bonfire After-Party.

The party served as a continuation of the Bonfire celebration. The DJ quickly moved his equipment from Guzman to the Hudson Auditorium and provided students with four more hours of dancing and mingling.

MSMC’s 17th Annual Bonfire was one for the record books. Many are already beginning to wonder what Student Activities has up their sleeves for next year.