by Daniel Witke

Being a high school misfit may be the worst feeling ever, but being a college misfit means you will have the most enjoyable experience.

High school is filled with clichés:  The jocks, the cheerleaders, the nerds, the theatre kids, the smokers, and of course the misfits, who often feel angry, depressed, lost, and alone.

Misfits like music but don’t like choir; they like sports but are not very good; they are bright, but not in honors.

Ryan Trimble, a professional blogger who writes about insecurities, depression, and anxiety said, “A misfit is always on the search–he is experimental.”

High school is challenging for everyone, but especially challenging for misfits, whose traits are often associated with being weird, introverted, and sensitive.

However, college is a misfit’s dream come true—in college, social clichés suddenly become a distant memory.

College gives one the opportunity to “build an organic community of like-minded people who value you just as who you are and roll with you authentically as you roll,” said Maggie Lyon a reporter for Positively Positive magazine.

In high school, I always loved to play soccer but was never good enough to make the team.  In college, I joined a club team and immediately made friends. A bunch of people met every Sunday where we would play and talk for hours on end, without the pressure of making a mistake in the game.

There were many times in high school where I was afraid of doing something because I felt I was going to be judged. I always had an interest in poetry but never bothered to tell anyone because it was a club for the depressed stoners or the overly emotional girls with problems at home.

In college, there are over 25 people in poetry club, a place for educated young people to express their thoughts and ideas. No one in the club was weird or annoying–they were regular people just like me.

Being a misfit in college is one of the best feelings, and the more comfortable I became, the more confident I grew.

While you observe and absorb the information around you, the people you thought were the cool kids no longer exist. The prom queen who was considered to be the most beautiful girl is now a struggling business student who all the girls hate. The good looking guy who starred in all the school plays has suddenly realized he is not that good. The nerds, who were considered to be the most successful, are always stressed out and can’t find time to relax.

Misfits are known for having special talents and college only fine tunes them.

Even if you enter as an undecided major, the misfit has the wonderful opportunity to listen to ideas and make his own opinions. When a misfit leaves college, he exits with the most diverse skills, for he got to experience different settings and was never confined to a single group of friends.

A high school misfit goes into college feeling scared, alone and anxious, but comes out with confidence, charisma and charm.