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by: Nicole Allen

On Wednesday February 24 and Thursday February 25, Mount Saint Mary College senior, Becca Gordils, presented her senior project, a one women play called “Becca by Default.” The Aquinas Theater was packed on opening night with over 50 guests taking their seats on the stage for an intimate appeal as music blared through the speakers.

The show started promptly at 7:00 p.m. and the audience soon quieted. Head of the theater department at the Mount, Professor Phillips, gave a brief introduction to the crowd. He talked about how he introduced the idea to Becca last spring and encouraged her to do it as a part of her independent study. Phillips went on to mention that Becca had written the play over Christmas break and then once back at school, started rehearsing it.

Becca’s hard work truly paid off. In “Becca by Default,” Becca gives the audience an intimate and hilarious look at her life, all while trying to ask the question “Why am I here?” As Becca tries to answer the question of why she is at Mount Saint Mary College, she shows us a lot about her life and herself along the way. She talks about her interest in personal space and her love of having each thing, whether it be a stuffed animal or a highlighter, in its own place. She talks about her dream of being a journalist, performer and writer. She touched upon her family by sharing a hilarious story about her poor grandma falling down some stairs and singing to the audience a song her grandpa and she would play together.

In “Becca by Default,” Becca was able to show the audience how truly creative and talented she is. The show was clearly all about Becca’s life and what she plans to do with it after she graduates. However, the questions she has been asking herself can easily be transcended to any college student who is about to graduate. Whatever Becca plans to pursue after she graduates she will surely succeed if she puts the same hard work and dedication as she did to this play.