by: Kristen La Marca

On Apr. 7, 2016, two senior students hosted a wonderful event called “Battle Of The Cancers” in Kaplan Gym at 7:30pm.

Gabriella Maher and Lauren Becerra prepared their event in support of Sloan Kettering’s Children’s Joy Fund, whom received all the admissions proceeds. The Joy Fund helps children with cancer have the best life possible while battling this disease.

Kicking off the event, it started with a hula-hoop race from one end of the gym and back. Relay races such as leapfrog, a three-legged race, and the crab walk followed the kick-off relay race. The many students who attended to both watch the event and to participate in the races were all split into groups of different colors, matching the types of cancers each color represents: Student participants for the blue, orange, purple and white teams battled it out for the win, giving the event its title.

The partnership of Maher and Becerra created this event as part of their Senior Seminar class project to raise money for cancer and to show their support. The turnout of the student body who participated and came to the event was outstanding.

“Tonight went so well! I’m so glad how tonight went, which turned out better than I expected,” said Maher. “Everyone had a great time too, which is more than we can ask for!”