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by: Kristen La Marca

There has been a recent social phenomenon over a video of what started as an innocent post to the popular video app “Snapchat” by two high school students. Now, the video has become viral and almost a household name. When you mix a boy named Daniel, some white Vans and an oddly hilarious raspy voice into the mix, you get global chaos.

A high school student from California decided to record his friend Daniel, also from California, and his white Vans one day after school. Not thinking that soon his video would attract over a million viewers and even a million more shares on social media platforms such as; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. What could be so good about a random boy in a pair of white Vans you may ask? Well, you’d be surprised.

People all over have tried to incorporate the famous saying from this video “DAMN DANIEL BACK AT IT AGAIN WITH THE WHITE VANS” into almost every aspect of their lives. Some people even change the words and say things such as, “DAMN COLLEGE BACK AT IT AGAIN WITH THE SAME STRESS.” You may think its mediocrity but it is actually quite funny, and rather catchy, but definitely nothing short of annoying if you have seen this video one too many times.

Daniel has become so famous from this video that he was even featured on “Ellen” as a guest. Along with the mysterious boy who has the hilarious raspy voice we’ve come to laugh at, whose name is Josh. These two California boys are now living the dream. When The mastermind behind this video, Josh, saw how viral his first video had went, he decided to record Daniel saying the same funny line everyday afterwards.

It’s quite the smash hit. You can check out this video and laugh to yourself all day long on YouTube. Daniel may be wearing different clothes in each video, but he’s still back at it again with the white Vans.