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To Whom It May Concern:

We feel compelled to set the record straight about Mount Saint Mary’s Board Chairman and our father, Dr. Albert J. Gruner. Dr. Gruner, a leader in our community, a man of incredible integrity and a generous contributor of both time and financial resources, is being publicly attacked by the very College he has passionately advocated for over the past 8 years.

Our father has lived his entire life governed by three pillars – his family, his faith and his service to his community. He has consistently held himself to the highest standards and donated countless hours of his time in unpaid, volunteer positions to improve and expand the impact of Mount Saint Mary College in Newburgh, NY.

Instead of being honored for these contributions –as he should be – he is, instead, being criticized for practices of the Board of Trustees that are governed by confidentiality laws and policies. His respect for these procedures and for the requirements of confidentiality should be lauded, not ridiculed. Even more disappointing, there are several individuals expressing their misguided beliefs in a way that personally attack a gentleman who has done nothing but demonstrate leadership and selflessness to his community and to this College.

Given the nature of the attacks on our father, we felt it necessary to set the record straight andreiterate the many organizations that have benefitted from his integrity, service and altruismover the last 50 years. These organizations include: St. Anselm’s College, YMCA of UlsterCounty, the Rosemary D. Gruner Cancer Fund, Gateway Community Industries, Benedictine Health Foundation, Boys and Girls Club, the Children’s Home of Kingston and Kiwanis Club.

We are proud of our father and his accomplishments and could not let these personal attacks go unanswered. He deserves better! Mount St. Mary College is a private college and those associated with these attacks should hold themselves to a higher standard of respect, faith and gratitude. It is difficult to believe that anyone who so generously gives of his time and energy for a volunteer position could face an attack of such a personal nature.

We ask that you stand up to this type of bullying and do not allow those critics to continue to make baseless statements.


The Children of Dr. Albert J. Gruner

Ellen Arsenault

Albert Joseph Gruner Jr.

Daniel J. Gruner

Margaret DiDonna