Alex and Ani Bracelets
The latest of fashion trends to hit the Mount Saint Mary College campus, Alex and Ani Bracelets. (Photo from

by Jeanine Verderosa

Has anyone else noticed one of our generation’s new fascinations, the Alex and Ani bracelets? Well, I have, so I dug a little deep to find out what the big fuss really is about.

The designer, Carolyn Rafaelian, comes from a line of jewelers. Making jewelry is a family tradition for her. She started the company in 2004, naming it Alex and Ani after her daughters. Her line was launched, and almost overnight the entire world began taking notice of her jewelry line. Celebrities, fashion magazines, and department stores loved her concept.

Rafaelian’s bracelets are infused with positive energy. What exactly does that mean? The Alex and Ani company designs its products with ancient and modern tradition. Every bracelet or product sold has a meaning behind it. Not only is there a message behind every single Alex and Ani product, but each are made from recycled materials, making all of her bracelets as much green as they are gold. The Alex and Ani mission is to create products of great quality and beauty that promotes consciousness and unity. On every product read “Made in America with Love.”

I was curious as to what the meaning behind the bracelets were for the girls on campus that have worn them. Mount Saint Mary College freshman Sam Calamis told Mount Messenger her mom bought her the bracelet that she proudly wears on her wrist. Sam’s Alex and Ani bracelet is a puzzle piece, symbolizing that Sam is an essential piece of her mother’s life. Without her daughter, she would be incomplete, so she will always have a piece of her no matter where she goes in her life. When I heard this, it put a smile on my face as these bracelets have a lot of meaning behind them.

Alex and Ani jewelry is definitely here to stay. They have been flying off the shelves, especially the bracelets. The bracelets range from different prices, the starting price being $24. Alex and Ani bracelets are the perfect gift for any occasion, such as graduations, excelling in school, birthdays, or just to have. If this article interests you, Alex and Ani jewelry is definitely a place to start.