Crystal Run
Interior of the Galleria at Crystal Run. (Photo courtesy of

by Mallika Rao

For my next mall adventure, I decided to visit the Galleria at Crystal Run in Middletown. While slightly bigger than the Galleria Mall in Poughkeepsie, it boasts similar stores with similar prices. Nevertheless, I managed to snag some great deals.

I cannot resist a good Forever 21. I can easily argue that the average female between the ages 15-25 probably agrees with me. The popular mall chain has become a fashion mecca for young girls everywhere, as it dictates the ultimate fashion trends. This particular Forever 21 is rather expansive, and it features a large collection of clothes, accessories, makeup. I bought a cute and comfy Batman beanie (for those frigid winters and for my personal love of all things comic-book related) and glittery nail polish for only $2.80. The latter is perfect for a spa day with your roommates.

Next stop, a store I have been dying to go to for their great deals on leggings: Cotton On. Indeed, this franchise has great deals. I bought three pairs of leggings for only $20. The colors were red, grey, and black. Cotton On is great to fulfill basic needs, such as jackets, tops, and bottoms. Clearly, I have some kind of legging addiction, since I next got a BOGO (by one get one, for the shopping illiterate) deal on leggings for $10 at Hot Topic. They come in fun styles and prints, which celebrate fandoms galore, from Doctor Who to Disney. I bought quite the dichotomous duo: a pair of Little Mermaid leggings (my favorite Disney princess is Ariel) and a pair of leather leggings. Also, since Halloween is coming up, I would advise that you make a mental note to make a return trip to Hot Topic, since they have some great deals on Halloween costumes.

Aeropostale is a store I have not visited since high school, so I decided to take a peek at some of the sales. For over two decades, the store has become the one-stop shop for hoodies and is known to be more affordable than their competitors Abercrombie and Fitch and American Eagle. I got a great deal on hoodies, two priced at $13.35 each. Comfortable and affordable. What could possibly go wrong? My final stop was at Old Navy where I bought two tank tops for $8 each. I was in a dire need of tanks, as I’m pretty sure many girls are.

Food wise, I had to go for Chinese/Cajun food again. The Galleria at Crystal Run does not have many food options in the food court. Granted, they do have some nice restaurants, most notably the heavily advertised Fuji Japanese Steakhouse. However, I would not advise wasting your money on overpriced Hibachi. Instead, for your Asian fix, go to Master Wok. They have your generic Chinese food, but also have some excellent Bourbon chicken, Cajun style.

The recap:
Forever 21: Batman Beanie for $9.80, Nail Polish for $2.80
Cotton On: 3 Leggings for $20.00
Aeropostale: 2 Hoodies for $13.35 each
Old Navy: 2 Tanks for $8.00 each
Hot Topic: BOGO leggings for $10.00
Master Wok: $8.11
Total: $93.41

Stay tuned for my third and final installment of my shopaholic adventures.