by  Nadirah D. Muhammad

College textbooks: $300 and up; Professional manicure and pedicure: $40; trying to have an exciting weekend with a spending limit of only $20 in Newburgh, NY: Priceless.

Snoop Dogg said it right in the lyrics to his song “20 Dollars To My Name,” as this is the unspoken anthem for many college students.  We just don’t have it to spend; our main priority is our books, so any kind of fun we have has to be cheap!  But what kind of safe and inexpensive fun can you have in Newburgh?

The best day to have a mini adventure off campus is on a Saturday afternoon.  There are no classes and you can spend the next day doing all of the work you’ve been procrastinating on since last week.  Before you venture off campus, make sure to grab some grub from Aquinas Hall; you’ll need it for energy!  Also, go out in groups of at least five, not just for safety reasons, but as you know, fun is more fun when you’re sharing it with others.  More importantly, you will also be able to split the expense of cab rides if you are not fortunate to not have a car of your own, or if you’re a freshman and are not allowed to have a car on campus.

For $20 each, you and your friends can have a ball ice-skating at Ice Time Sports Complex, located on 21 Lakeside Road.  Admission is $7 and Skate Rentals are just an additional $3.  Ice Time is open from 2pm – 4pm on the weekends.  That’s two sneaky hours of exercise and a great way to kick back and enjoy yourself off campus with your friends.

After skating, you’ll probably be tired, but you’ll still have some money left in your budget to catch a movie at ShowTime Cinemas, at 1420 route 300, located directly opposite of the Stop & Shop plaza.  If you catch a movie before 6pm, you’ll pay the matinee price of $6.50.  If you decide to go later, just show your Mount ID and pay the college discount which is just a dollar more than the matinee price.  You and your friends will still have a little more money left in your budget to get snacks if you pool your money together at the concession stand where the snack and drink prices start off at just $2.50.

Now, let’s do the math.  $10 for skating + $6.50 for movies + $2 to pitch in for snacks = $18.50, and that equals just enough change left over for the cab!