Jonas Brothers
(Photo by People Magazine)

by Brittany Ambrosino

“To our dear friends and fans around the world, it is with heavy hearts that we confirm that our time as the Jonas Brothers is over.”

On Nov. 1, Joe, Nick, and Kevin Jonas appeared on Good Morning America to confirm to their fans that their time as a band has come to an end. Fans across the globe were completely shocked.

Just a little over a year ago the Jonas Brothers held their “comeback” concert at Radio City Music Hall on Oct. 11, 2012, their first performance together after a three year hiatus. This was followed by the beginning stages of writing their fifth album, which was anticipated to release this fall. The trio went on a full-length summer tour, giving fans a taste of their new music, as well as songs from their past discography. The boys moved things right along in September when they announced their first leg of a fall tour with an album release date right around the corner.

It is no surprise fans were shocked when the band abruptly canceled their tour two days before its opening. Even their crew and backup band, who are their best friends, had no idea the tour was canceled until they got off the plane in Philadelphia, where the tour was supposed to start.

What lead to the split? Fans were left without answers for a month. The boys said nothing. They tweeted nothing. When asked by paparazzi what the future held for the band, Joe told one to “shut up, man,” and Kevin said, “You’ll find out soon.”

Their seven minute interview with Robin Roberts revealed truth. “Yeah, I was the one that initially started the conversation [of a break up],” said Nick, the youngest of the three.

“You know we’re family first, and that’s always been our main priority, and so, honestly, within that, within us as a group was important. So I came to the table with the guys just before we were prepping to leave for tour, and I shared my heart with them.”

When Roberts asked Nick what was said, he replied, “I said, ‘Look, I feel like we’ve had some complications within the group for a long time without addressing them, and I think this train will fall off the tracks without really getting real about some of the concerns and some of the limitations we may feel as individuals in the group.’ It was a tough conversation, not gonna lie.”

Music was one complication the boys apparently had within the group. After making an entire album over the course of this past year, there still were issues with the final product. “For us, we held onto [the music] for so long that we kind of, at one point, a year later, we still kind of felt like it was getting stale to us,” Joe confessed. “So, there was just individual things that we were butting heads about.”

The Mount Messenger reached out to hear others’ views on the situation. “I think the breakup was for the better,” Twitter user “mandy” (@mandymartinez_) said. “I know it hurts but this phase of our lives had to end in a way. The boys changed our lives for the better and now I think it’s time to set each other free.”

Maggie Leclercq, a freshman at Mount Saint Mary College, shared her thoughts on the matter: “This past summer, I felt like the wait truly was worth what they said it would be and more. I got the amazing opportunity to meet them, and it was honestly a night I will always remember. I didn’t think Jul. 23, 2013, would be the last time I ever saw the Jonas Brothers perform as the Jonas Brothers. I don’t know what the future holds for them, but I do know my love for the Jonas Brothers will always stay with me. I have absolutely no regrets about being a fan of theirs. In fact, it was the best decision I have ever made. Kevin, Joe, and Nick, thank you for eight great years. They’ll never be forgotten.”

“It makes me very happy that they had the courage to call it the end and stop suffering,” Twitter user Oraculo Jonatico (@raindancelyli) said. “I believe not all of the boys were happy about it, but now they’ll have a chance to know if being a band was really what they wanted because they’ve been on the road since they were young and don’t really know life outside of the Jonas Brothers.”

Twitter user Carmen Calzada (@carmencalzada26) said, “Being a JB fan since 2007, this breakup hurt me. My main thing is the whole ‘making this a huge comeback’ shindig, doing a summer tour, releasing two singing in anticipation for what would have been their fifth album, and then breaking up without plans of releasing it is ridiculous. Why build it up so much for the public and especially us dedicated fans and leave us with nothing? That just made me extremely angry.”

Carmen makes a good point. The album has been rumored to be finished. The fans will never be able to hear the entirety of it, but they will get a taste of some.

“The fans have traveled with us and have been with us for so many years, so we didn’t want to just leave without giving them back something,” Kevin explained. “So what we’ve done is we’re going to release four of the unreleased songs from the album, and the rest of the album will be never released. And we have gone back to the studio and have finished recording the live tracks from the last summer tour, about ten songs as well, so we’ll be giving that to our fan club members as well just from us.”

The Jonas Brothers were once compared to the Beatles during their highest peak of fame. This breakup came as nothing but a shock to their fans and followers around the world. Who knows what the future holds for each of the brothers. It’s might be the end of a chapter, but not the book.