by Kristen LaMarca

via Kristen LaMarca

On October 3rd, dozens of people gathered at Thomas Bull Memorial Park in Montgomery, New York. The occasion was the 2015 Annual Walk to End Alzheimer’s. Although the weather was windy and rainy, that didn’t stop anyone from showing their support.

The Montgomery community, as well as surrounding communities, Mount Saint Mary College’s Aging United Club and myself walked two and a half miles around the park to show our support for Alzheimer’s. The event kicked off at 10:00 AM, and everyone who attended was invited back for hot food after the walk had concluded. Even though the weather was not cooperative, it was nice to see how many people were in attendance for a cause that is so near and dear to many.

At the conclusion of the walk, there was a section for all participants to be a part of. That was called, The Promise Garden. The garden consisted of flowers that represented Alzheimer’s. There were flowers for caregivers, people supporting Alzheimer’s and even flowers for those who lost loved ones to the disease. Some people wrote names on the flower petals in memory of their loved ones. These flowers represented the hope that we all shared at the walk, for a better future for the face of Alzheimer’s.

There were approximately 750 people in attendance, from families to students and everyone in between. Everyone came together for a day to support one another. Everyone came together with hope in their hearts and smiles on their faces. Everyone came together, walking to end Alzheimer’s.