By: Ashley Thomaz

Credit: MSMC Athletics roster. 

Tori Santomauro is an MSMC senior majoring in public relations and psychology

The softball player chose MSMC because “it met all my needs for academics. I wanted to be able to have relationships with my professors and MSMC allows that because of the small class sizes. I also got the chance to play softball here so that was a plus.”

She plays second base in softball and says a memory that vividly sticks with her is, “freshman year we took our spring break trip to Florida, and we went to Disney. It was an all around fun time—a great team bonding experience for us!”

Advice for athletes looking to play sports in college: “do what makes you the happiest, in the end it’s not all about the sports but the memories and relationships you make along the way.” 

Credit: MSMC Athletics roster.

Peter Ramirez is an MSMC junior majoring in business administration and management with a concentration in finance.

Ramirez plays men soccer at MSMC and is a forward. He chose the Mount because he was able to stay local, work and play soccer all at the same time of pursuing a higher education. 

With the Skyline Championship coming up, Ramirez remincies on his first championship game in 2019.

“The feelings and emotions that I felt throughout the whole game reminded me what makes the sport so unique. In that game, I scored a goal to make the score level 2-2,” Ramirez continues, “and the feeling of scoring in my first college final while getting the team one step closer to the championship was an unforgettable experience.”

Advice for athletes looking to play sports in college: “athletes at the college level represent the school, not only on the field but also academically; grades influence your athletic success at a college level, don’t limit your opportunities.”