By Matthew Scipioni

Dear Matt,

When is it an acceptable time to say good morning? For example, the a.m is considered morning yet is it acceptable to say good morning”to someone if you see them at 3:00am?



Dear Ryan,

This is the first time I’ve thought about this. I guess it all depends on the situation. A good rule of thumb is anytime after you wake up, and there is an “am” after those numbers that we call time. Let me explain. My dad wakes up at roughly 6:00 am every weekday for work to have enough time to get ready, make breakfast, and get to his shop to open it at 8:00 am. So if I were to wake up at 7:30 am and see him, I would say good morning. In a different scenario, I would also say good morning if I woke up at 5:00 am and saw him start to get ready.

Where things can become more confusing is Daylight Savings Time. While yes, the rule would still apply, it just gets complicated with moving the clocks forward and back. Why don’t we just keep the clocks the same all year round? And don’t even get me started on that groundhog that comes out in February. That’s a different topic for an entirely separate upload, but how could he predict our seasons? Makes no sense to me, anyway; back to the topic.

Although our mornings began at different times, it would still be morning for both of us since we were previously sleeping. But if I was out with my friends and we parted ways at 2:00 am, I would not say good morning; I would say good night. Although technically, it would be a new day, since we never parted and went to sleep, it would just be a continuation of the same period of time we call a day. There are many variables to this good morning rule, such as if you never went to bed in the first place. My answer is to go to bed and get some sleep which I will be doing now. So to all who are reading this, I wish you a goodnight or good morning, but I guess that all depends on the time you read this.

Your friendly neighborhood columnist,


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