By Matthew Scipioni

Dear Matt,

I need your opinion. Which breakfast food is superior: Pancake or Waffles?



Dear Anonymous,

Ummmmm, waffles clearly. I don’t see how there’s a contest. But for the sake of argument, let’s compare. 

Waffles, the pros: you can put cream cheese on them; I love cream cheese. If you like syrup, that’s good, too; the little divot pattern holds syrup just as well. They are crunchy and fluffy at the same time, like, hello? Who doesn’t want that? Sounds better than a dense, soggy pancake to me. For brunch, if you do that sort of thing, chicken and waffles are like a staple. People would look at you funny if you had chicken and pancakes. 

Waffles, the cons: I guess they can have less variety, but just add toppings. Blueberries, chocolate chips, strawberries? Boom, just put them on top, and there you go. They are less filling, but that means you get more of them, so I don’t see a problem. Sure, you can’t do the Mickey Mouse ear thing; I’ll give you that one. 

There you have it. In the totally correct, objective, bias-free comparison, waffles are the clear winner. 

Your friendly neighborhood columnist,


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Note from the writer:

Thank you all so much for the submissions! I’m so excited to be starting this column in the Mount Messenger and thank all those involved for the opportunity. If you did not see your comment/question addressed have no fear, I still have all of your submissions and will be working through all of them as the weeks go by. If I see a lot of people asking about a similar topic I will try to incorporate as many submissions as I can into one response. I hope you guys enjoy and keep up the good work!