By Matthew Scipioni

Dear Matt,

Are you a pretzel stick or a pretzel twist kinda guy?


Local Pretzel Lover

Dear Local Pretzel Lover,

The answer honestly depends if you are talking about a hard or a soft pretzel. Once in a blue moon, I’ll go to a baseball game and get a soft pretzel. You can’t beat the classic, and the way it is made and tastes are just superior to other forms of the pretzel. I’m not a big sports person or a pretzel person, but my ultimate favorite is the “ball game” pretzel. 

Now, if we are talking about the hard pretzels you get from the store and whatnot, I’m going to have to go with the twists. I feel like having just a stick is boring, you know? If a pretzel had a personality, the stick would be just “eh,” and it wouldn’t have much character. But the twists? They look like they can have a good time when the time is right. Also, they hold onto the mustard better if you do the whole mustard thing. Plus, and this is definitely just a me thing; I used to constantly cut the inside of my mouth with the sticks when I was younger, so I guess I had some past trauma with that.

Your friendly neighborhood columnist,


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