By Matthew Scipioni

Dear Matt,

I have a few quick questions for you…


…that will be all.



Dear A.G.,

Okay, one thing at a time there. I can only type so fast. Time management is the bane of many people’s existence or the one thing you absolutely excel at: it’s a 50/50 shot of which side you fall on. I’m assuming, like me, you fall on the former rather than the ladder. I have always found it best to keep a paper copy of my schedule. Call me old-fashioned, I know. I find it easier to make changes and write things down, so I don’t forget or double-book myself. Since freshman year, which for me was about 80 years ago, I have always had a little difficulty with time management, and I still have not cracked it. Although it might sound counterintuitive, try to take on some more low-risk tasks or get more involved with a club or department. Having more to do will force you to budget your time better and plan your day/week more accurately. There’s a saying: If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it. 

Making money on campus is also another interesting one. I’ve been lucky enough to have been an RA since my sophomore year, and I have relied on that as a source of income. I know that not everyone has had this opportunity, but I encourage you to seek out opportunities like it! The Mount always has summer programs and, in some cases, winter ones, so ask around in the Admissions and Student Engagement office for the possibility of positions. For me, I enjoy working the New Student Orientation over the summer; that’s a possibility. I know for a fact there are paid internships available from the Career Center, or if you are looking for something quicker, there are micro-internships as well. 

Now when you say fit and healthy, do you mean like exercise regimens? If so, you are definitely asking the wrong person. I know less than nothing about that. But I know as much as the average person when it comes to eating healthy. Avoid fast food or food high in saturated fats and prioritize dark, leafy greens. Yes, you, too, can be like Popeye if you eat your spinach. Is that an outdated reference? I hope I’m not that old. Anyway, try to ensure that you do at least a little bit of activity each day, especially if you have been sitting in front of your computer doing work. Take a 15-minute break to get some fresh air and walk around campus. I’m not saying to run a marathon; if you want to go for it, try to get the blood flowing. A thing that I’ve picked up since starting college is to avoid snacking. Don’t eat because you’re getting bored; eat a meal at regular intervals and continue your day. Drink water. People sleep on it way too much. It will change you.

Your friendly neighborhood columnist,


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