By Matthew Scipioni

Dear Matt,

Do you have any good Halloween stories?



Dear Anonymous,

Well, there was one Halloween quite a few years back that was pretty interesting. The weather hadn’t been great, like this year. It got cold fast, and the occasional snow flurries caused school delays and general annoyance. Well, for most people. I, on the other hand, actually like when it snows. It was the week of Halloween, and like usual, my brother and I were making plans to go trick-or-treating around my neighborhood with some of the other families. My mom and dad were going to come, and once we finished, we would head back to our house to give out candy. So far, it’s all normal. But two or three days before Halloween, it started to snow. I’m talking like snow, snow, not just a dusting. So for like a day and a half, it was blizzard-like conditions, the school was canceled, and we didn’t leave the house except to clean the driveway and sidewalk. The clean-up was an absolute mess; trees were down everywhere, and the snow was 2 or 3 feet high. I have a playground from when I was younger in my backyard, and it was just covered in broken branches and snow. I remember helping my dad cut some smaller branches that were about to break, so they didn’t fall on my house. We didn’t have power for a few days, but the worst thing was that my town canceled Halloween. Like what? Who cancels Halloween? Something about it being “too dangerous.” I say they ran out of candy and didn’t have the budget to get more. But yeah, that was probably my craziest Halloween experience.

Oh, there was also the time when my dad had to break into our own house in the middle of the night and the time when some kid set a bunch of fireworks off in the street, but those are stories for another time.

Your friendly neighborhood columnist,


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