By Samantha Smith

The Mount’s Division of Mathematics and Information Technology has introduced the opening of its new Cybersecurity Center at the beginning of this month.

Through the center, students of the Cybersecurity major and minor will receive program guidance and direction from faculty and staff members, listen to knowledgeable guest speakers from the field, and have available cyber defense resources for the college and community. 

The Cybersecurity Center’s purposes are the following:

  • To provide guidance and oversight to BS in Cybersecurity and BA in Information Technology programs.
  • To provide access to updated general cyber defense resources to students, faculty, and staff at Mount Saint Mary College and the outside community. 
  • Facilitate collaboration and outreach opportunities among students, faculty, and other institutions.
  • Host Cybersecurity events.
  • Collaborate with the industry to determine student internship opportunities, and host job fairs and guest speakers.

The center opened at the beginning of this month, just in time to celebrate National Cybersecurity Awareness Month! The Mathematics and IT department will host a guest speaker series on different topics within the field. For example, on Oct. 6, Brandon Moody, Senior Cybersecurity Assessor at the Department of Energy, taught students about malware and antivirus software through an example demonstration video. Another talk in the series will be, The State of Cybersecurity at Mount Saint Mary College, presented by Alex Valentin, the Mount’s Chief Information Officer.

The Center for Cybersecurity also has its own website with valuable information and resources, which you can access by visiting:

Students can locate program information and class trajectories, educational resources, news on Cybersecurity, career and internship opportunities, and more on the site.