Apps Gone Free
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by Allen Ortiz

Let’s face it, college students these days are trying to save money wherever they can. Whether it’s paying for books or counting quarters for gas, every dollar counts. That’s where Apps Gone Free comes in.

Apps Gone Free is, of course, a free app for both Apple and Android that shows which of the hottest apps have gone free that day. The list is updated every day at about noon. All you have to do is download the Apps Gone Free app and it will send you a notification every time the list updates with that day’s most popular free apps.

So, let’s say that you’ve downloaded Apps Gone Free and you feel like you’ve missed out on all of the previous apps you could have saved on. No worries. Apps Gone Free keeps all of its previous lists available. But you still better hurry because certain apps are only free for a limited amount of time.

Still not convinced? Is there that one app you’ve wanted for the longest time, but it never goes free and you don’t want to spend the 99 cents to get it? Well, Apps Gone Free also comes with something called AppBump. AppBump allows you to recommend an app as “worth owning” even though it has a price. If the app gets enough bumps, it will receive its own free app advocate. This advocate will then collaborate with the developer so it can go free for a short amount of time. This will then allow the app to get exposure and you to save money.

If you’re strapped for cash and could use a new game or a useful app on your phone, download Apps Gone Free today and let the saving commence.

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