(Photo courtesy of wunderlist.com)

by Jade Hanley

Wunderlist is an innovative, on-the-go list-making app that allows a person to keep track of any tasks while on the run.

 According to the Wunderlist website, the app “provides all the tools to make your goals a reality.”

It allows users to create multiple lists and name them after different topics or themes, such as “homework,” “shopping list,” and “errands.”

Each task on the list can be further detailed by selecting the pending item on the list. A second menu will come up where you can add further details that might not fit into the title of the assignment; a due date and time may also be added to this.

A second feature allows the user to star an important task. All starred items, even if they are on different lists, will then automatically be placed on a second list called a “starred” list for the convenience of easily finding all important tasks in one tap.

A friendly feature of the app is the ability to share lists. If another person you know has Wunderlist, you can create a list together. The shared list can be seen by all parties involved and is synced every time someone contributes to it. Tasks can also be delegated to individuals in the list.

When a task on the list is completed, whether it is your own list or a shared list, there is a box next to the task to check it off. Checking off a task doesn’t delete it, but moves it to the bottom of the list in the completed task area. You can view these at any time.

The most powerful feature of the app is its ability to sync on all devices. This means a person can access their Wunderlist on an iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, and on their website at Wunderlist.com at anytime. When a task is added or completed, it is updated on all devices after signing in. It creates a seamless transition throughout the day.