(Photo courtesy of flickr.com)

by Rebecca Gordils

Remember the envy of anyone who had a Nextel phone when we were younger? The phone that was not only a phone, but a walkie-talkie? Well now’s your time to relive the glory days with the Voxer app.

This fun, easy-to-use walkie-talkie app makes having a quick conversation more convenient than ever. It won’t use your minutes to make a phone call and you still get to hear the person’s voice, unlike text messaging.

The app was released to the Apple store in 2011 but did not start gaining viral success until it was introduced to the Android market a few months later.

Recently, Voxer has become more widely used for personal conversations and for many businesses, such as plumbing, electric, or any job where on-the-go correspondence is needed.

To use Voxer, you start a conversation with someone who has the app also. The app has the capability of group messaging as well.

You hold down the center green button while you speak, as you would with a regular walkie-talkie, however this high-tech version allows conversations to be saved, replayed, and enhanced to make the volume louder for anyone who had trouble hearing the initial message.

If the app is open, the message they send in response will be automatically played. If not, it will be saved for a time when you are able to use it.

iOS 8 was released with similar voice recording capabilities through their messaging, but the messages “expire” after a short while and there are still many glitches with the system.

Voxer is revolutionizing the way we send and receive messages. Give it a try today and see how easy it is to have a conversation without the hassle of checking your phone for hours on end.