(Photo courtesy of techcrunch.com)

by Rebecca Gordils

Remember that pen pal you had in sixth grade for a full week? Speaking to someone from across the world was thrilling at that time, and it still can be!

Fling is a picture sharing app similar to Snapchat, but it has one twist: you don’t choose who your pictures go to. With one “fling” of a picture, they can be delivered to anyone throughout the world who also has the app, with the option to personally respond via text or picture to those “flings.”

Though Fling has great potential, it is not off to a great start. Many of the users have been inappropriately utilizing the app as a way of sharing pornography, and while developers are trying to figure a way to combat this, most people are shying away from the app altogether.

In its current state, Fling is a great way to meet new friends throughout the world, just remember to always be cautious with what you send and while talking to strangers.