Drunk Mode
(Photo courtesy of allgoodfound.com)

by Jasmine Montes

Most college students wake up after a great night of partying dreading to look at any text messages or phone calls made from the night before. This is such a universal thing and with technology continuing to advance, it has only gotten worse. Now it’s not just drunk calls, its drunk texts, snapchats and social media posts.Thankfully Drunk Mode is here to help cover up any inebriated impulses.

This free app is available to iPhone and Android users for free. The app first asks how long you plan on being out so that it is active while you are busy having a blast. After the time is up, the app automatically shuts off. And don’t try to be slick and turn it off after turning it on because Drunk Mode is not stupid and will ask you a math question to unlock your phone.

Drunk Mode makes you turn on your GPS settings because there is a feature called Breadcrumbs. With Breadcrumbs, the app will track where you go so that you don’t have to wake up the next morning saying “How’d I end up here?!” You can also send your location to your friends in the event that there is a split up. It may sound displeasing that your phone may die faster because of your location being turned on, but it will really be worth it at the end of the night, especially if something bad were to happen.

The best part, of course, is the blocked contacts list. The app will not allow you to call anyone on the list, so as to avoid an embarrassing call appearing on your recent called list. The name temporarily disappears from your phone and goes back when the app is off.

If you’re the type to go out with friends on the weekend, consider downloading this app. I think it’s worth its weight in cellular data, as it gives you the ability to protect yourself from explaining away any uncharacteristic behaviors the next day.